About Us

Thanks to Cool Conservatories, you no longer have to spend days looking through the scant amount of reliable information you find online. We spend our time speaking to industry experts who give us the low-down on everything cool that’s happening with conservatories. When it comes to facts and figures, we take the word of industry leaders rather than some random writer online. Our goal is to become an authority on the subject of conservatories and help UK residents find the best and most useful extension to their home.


The internet is full of misleading information about conservatories and we aim to set the record straight. We know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of conservatory owners who are unhappy at the way the project turned out and the cost which they deemed to be excessive. By reading Cool Conservatories, you will know how to avoid being overcharged as well as spotting the warning signs that tell you to be wary of the organization you are dealing with.


Cool Conservatories also concentrates on updating you when it comes to the most innovative conservatory designs on the market right now. Stick with us and you will also learn more about the area of planning permission, a major issue in the UK today. We will keep you up to date with any changes in the law made by the government and ensure that you don’t have the rug pulled from under your expensive project. Finally, we will describe to you just how amazing it is to have a conservatory and why you should own one.

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