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Types Of Conservatory

I bet you didn’t know that there were several different types of conservatory on offer. You probably think that all conservatories look the same. They are simply large glass buildings which are added to a house as an extension and require planning permission. In the eyes of those who have never expressed a desire to build one, a conservatory is simply an upper-class toy with no practical use. Tell that to working class families who build a conservatory because it is now perfectly affordable for the average family. In terms of use, a conservatory can be a great way to take in the sun, enjoy some company in a bright room or as a safe haven from the rigours of family life. And yes, the different types of conservatories have their own unique design.


Victorian Conservatory

This is known as the most popular choice because its design blends in well with most homes. It has a rounded front and can be built with three or five facets. It also has a pitched roof and is an elegant addition to any home.


Edwardian Conservatory

This has some elements which makes it similar to the Victorian including the pitched roof but while the Victorian is curved, the Edwardian is square or rectangular in shape. This is a better choice than the Victorian for those seeking a conservatory with a little extra space. If you are planning to have a large quantity of furniture in your conservatory, the Edwardian is your best option.


Lean To Conservatory

This was the most popular option once upon a time and is still the least expensive choice. It has a very simplistic design with clean lines and a look that is timeless. It is possible to alter the height to suit different homes as a lean to conservatory would need to be in a different position depending on whether the home was a bungalow or a multi-storey house.


Bespoke Conservatory

As you are probably aware, bespoke relates to something which is specifically made for you. Some houses cannot accommodate a traditionally designed conservatory so a bespoke option is the least challenging. Whether you want a gargantuan extra room or just a small room built around your front or back yard, the bespoke choice caters for you.


Pavilion Conservatory

This is similar to the Edwardian conservatory and is the ideal choice for someone with a small garden. With its square glass panels and triangular roof, this is a classy addition to any home.


When designing your conservatory, you will need to take a close look at the material you use for the frame. The most popular choice is UPVC which is relatively inexpensive, durable and easy to clean. Aluminium has thermal breaks which aids heat insulation and is another commonly used material for frames. Wood gives you a natural look but can be harder to maintain than the aforementioned materials.


You can choose glass or polycarbonate (which is much less expensive) for the roof. Glass is far heavier than polycarbonate and may not always be the best construction choice. Polycarbonate conservatories create a softer effect when the sun shines in but it is far noisier during rain.


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