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Common Uses Of A Conservatory

You’ve seen a conservatory and love the way it looks. However, before you have one built, it’s a good idea to know exactly what a conservatory can be used for. After all, it would be a waste to spend at least £10,000 on this addition unless it has multiple uses. The traditional use of a conservatory involves having a room for relaxation purposes. While this is an excellent way to use it, there is so much more to a conservatory that can only be discovered once you start planning it. When building a conservatory, remember that the floor area is of most concern. The total area includes all building materials and is not representative of the space you will have.


One of the main uses of a conservatory is simply to have more space. This could be the difference between staying and moving into a new home which carries a stamp duty of 3% on the purchase price of homes above £250,000. This extra space has a host of uses, most of which involve relaxing and getting some much needed peace and quiet.


Dining Room

Why not turn your conservatory into a dining room? Design it so that there is plenty of room for tables and chairs. Enjoy dinner without being surrounded by kitchen appliances and have family time without being disturbed by the television. Have the ultimate backdrop in the shape of the moon during the evening and discuss everything and anything over dessert and a glass of wine. You can also listen to the gentle sound of the rain beating against the glass, knowing that you are safe from the elements.



Another popular use for a conservatory is the addition of an extra mini-garden. You can increase the variety of plants you grow because you are no longer contending with the harsh British winter. Instead of only having green fingers a few months a year, enjoy your love of gardening all year round by bringing your flowers indoors. You’ll be the envy of all gardening enthusiasts in your neighbourhood who are forced to sit on the sidelines during the worst recesses of winter.


An Office

One of the most recent and innovative uses for a conservatory is that of a home office. An increasing percentage of people are working from home as freelancing work becomes more common. Instead of being confined to a room with just one window and no charm, you can actually begin to love work as you will be surrounded by light and heat all day long. Such conditions are sure to make you more productive and hopefully more creative too. It is a fact that dull rooms kill your work rate whereas a conservatory office will make you eager to get out of bed in the morning and tackle your heavy workload.


There are multiple uses for a conservatory. When designing your additional space, think of the reasons why you want it in the first place and tailor it to your specific need. Although there are certain conservatory types, you can choose a bespoke option and turn it into a lounge, office, indoor garden or tea room.


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