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The Benefits Of Having A Conservatory

The idea of owning a conservatory is an alluring one but the price and stress involved in making it come to pass seem to be powerful deterrents. Aside from the £10,000+ you will have to pay, there is also the issue of finding reliable workmen to carry out the contract in a professional manner. On top of all this, you have to worry about the issue of planning permission and building permits. However, there are many good reasons to build a conservatory which far outweigh any negatives.



This may seem like an odd thing to include as an advantage, especially when one considers the cost of a conservatory. However, the price you pay could very well be offset by the added value it gives your home. Most conservatories will add £12,000 or more onto the asking price for a property so this is worth bearing in mind. It is often the case where people move home because their existing place isn’t big enough any more. A conservatory can add this extra room and save you the trouble of moving home. Bear in mind that you would have to pay stamp duty of £15,000 on a £500,000 new property and you will realise how valuable a conservatory can be.


Extra Room

If your home is like that of the majority of the population, it is filled with clutter and there is nowhere for you to sit back and enjoy yourself. A conservatory can be your designated relaxation spot. You cannot put a price on such comfort and conservatory owners always state that it was the best decision they have ever made in terms of their home. Conservatories with a glass roof kill the noise of the rain and homeowners often take a snooze as this gentle sound helps them to doze off. It is also an ideal way to escape a noisy family and catch up on some light reading.


The Weather

If you have a fabulous garden, you can have a bird’s eye view throughout the year. Poor weather will never stop you from admiring the nature that is at your doorstep. And let’s be honest, we don’t get enough sun in the UK so when it does arrive, we have to make the most of it. The large amount of glass that makes up conservatories help us achieve this. It reacts well with the sun to give us an ambient light that really stirs the senses. Those who have experienced it first hand will tell you that nothing elevates the mood quite like natural sunlight. In the UK, we have sunshine despite the fact that it’s not particularly warm. In a conservatory, it will always feel warm when the sun is out so even if it’s cool outside, you will feel the heat of summer inside.


Although the cost of a conservatory seems pretty expensive, the value it adds and the money and hassle it can save in the long run makes it worthwhile. If you work hard for most of the year, aren’t you entitled to enjoy the fruits of your labour?



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